Part of becoming a follower of Jesus is living out the values Jesus demonstrated in the New Testament. Jesus clearly spent much of his time serving others with words and actions. We at Spirit of Joy love to reach out to those in need. Every Tuesday we hold a Friendship Bible Study. When we are able we help with Pack away hunger. It's a big part on who we are and we invite you to join us! Below you can learn about these things and so much more! 

Jesus taught that he was always to be found among the most vulnerable (Matthew 25.40) and one of ways we are following Jesus in this is serving adults with developmental and intellectual handicaps. Every week students and adults connected with SOJ come alongside members of various group homes and host a Bible study and worship experience. This is one way that this often forgotten community is included in the life of the church. The students and adults who serve in this ministry are themselves deeply touched by the presence and love of God as they meet Jesus where he said he'd always be. This ministry would not be possible without the support and training of Connection Ministries.