Discipleship is about becoming more like Jesus. The first step in that journey is encountering God. When we gather in worship on Sunday's, we hope to encounter God in many ways. Our attitude toward worship on a Sunday can and hopefully does spill over into daily life as we offer to God our best in everything we do and everything we say. 

A mark of spiritual growth is when we take worship out of just a Sunday morning activity and start to approach all of life as an offering to God. Worship at Spirit of Joy is planned by collaborating with a team of people at the church who bring experience in the arts, music, liturgy and audio/visual fields. 

Here you will be ale to listen to all the sermons of today and the past. We hope the sermons will help you in time of need and inspire you in many ways! Please enjoy!


Here you can see all the songs we sing. Not only will you see them but you can learn them and see their history!