What to Expect

Wear whatever is comfortable to you. We just want the chance to meet you and encounter God together. Our worship life is grounded in scripture, prayer, holy communion and music, lots of music. We dig out musical treasures from the distant past and explore newer worship music written only recently. 

Every Sunday we gather to the sound of music, confess our sins and hear the Good News of forgiveness. We pray for the Lord reveal His presence as we continue to worship, hear scripture read and interpreted. We pray for one another and the world around us. Our worship life is participatory and multi sensory. We always share communion, the real presence of Christ, and we are then sent into the world to be the hands and feet of Jesus, to share and be Good News to others.

Our worship is rooted in the Lutheran tradition but always reflective of the music and contributions of modern artists. Some describe it as Ancient/Future; connected to the contributions of the many generations that have gone before us, but also respectful of the ongoing creativity of current artists and the community we serve in Indianapolis.

Part of worship involves an offering. This is an act of worship where we respond in generosity to the blessings of God and the practical desire to support the ministry that happens through this church. If you are new to the congregation please feel free to let the plate pass by you. Those who are members have committed to support this ministry. This service is our gift to you.

Communion is offered ever Sunday and open to any Christian who would ordinarily receive communion. We are convinced that Christ is truly present in the bread and wine and we welcome all who share this belief to come forward for this sacred event. If it makes more sense for you to not receive communion, please know that you are still welcome to come forward to receive a blessing or prayer or simply remain in your seat. Grape juice is offered for those who prefer not to receive wine.

Please stick around after worship. We love meeting new people.

Worship Team

Worship is a team sport. The ancient word Liturgy means the work of the people. The congregation does the 'work'  of offering to God words and actions that ring true to who God is. 

The men and  women you see up front are there to set the example of what to do and when. 

They don't have a lot of use for a performance culture but see their job as worshippers who lead others in worship (so please don't ask for their autographs - even though we think they rock).